Drop-through Rotary Airlock Valve
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Stainless Steel Drop-through Rotary Valve

Capacity: 5L,7L,9L&others
Material: Stainless Steel
Voltage: 380V,430V&others
Color: White,Green,Black&others
Motor: SEW&others

The Drop Through Rotary Airlock Valve is used in dilute phase pneumatic conveying system, The conveying line pipe connects directly into the rotating pocket. The inlet and outlet of flow located bottom of endplate of housing,  The pressurization airflow into the valve ,directly connect into the V-type pocket of impeller, enter conveying line from outlet port after the materials mixed. By this legend design can efficiently clean up powdery material adhered to V-type pocket .In-place mounted  benefit by compact  shape design.(This device is not ideal for high hardend and abrasive particle material. relevant  device please click our drop-thru rotary airlock valve)

1,Order different welding insert can meet the requirement of installation of different conveying pipe.

2,Select oil-water separator can prevent excess vapour into the rotary valve in the area ,where exist  temperature differential  and high humidity .